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    Mount Ida College
  Jan 20, 2018
2017-2018 College Catalog

Internship Placement Policies

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Mount Ida College offers internship courses as part of various programs. Descriptions of internship courses are included in the Course Descriptions section of this Catalog. Courses with titles that include such language as the following fall under the “internship” umbrella: Externship, Internship, Independent Practical Experience, Pre-Practicum, Practicum, Senior Professional Studies in Education Field Experience, Clinical Dental Hygiene II and III, Senior Clinical Rotation, and Embalming Laboratory.

Placement in an internship is not guaranteed, and in most cases it is the responsibility of the student to identify and apply for internship opportunities. As there is an increasing demand for internships for students enrolled in colleges and universities in the Boston area, it is recommended that students begin planning for their internships at least a semester in advance of the semester in which they intend to enroll in an internship course. The Career Services Center is available to assist students with resume and cover letter development, strategies for finding an internship, and brainstorming potential internship sites.

Once an internship is secured, students must present a Mount Ida College Internship Application/Learning Contract Form (available on MiWEB under Forms Central), to the Faculty Internship Supervisor and Department Chair for approval.

Note: At the present time, the following courses are exempt from the above requirement: DH 203, DH 204, FS 133, and SM 202. In these courses, placements are handled and/or monitored directly by the program. VT 301, VT 302, VT 401, VT 402, VT 403, VT 404, VT 405, and VT 406 are not exempt, but require only one form per semester to cover all rotations being taken during that semester.

Internships may require a specific minimum CGPA, the satisfaction of prerequisite courses, recommendations, background checks or other criteria (including, for example and without limitation, dress and comportment codes) as required by the internship site or the College. In all cases, internships that are completed for academic credit must be approved prior to a student’s beginning the internship. Students who do not follow this most basic step may not receive credit for the unofficial or volunteer experience.

Students unable to secure internship placements for any reason may have to plan for additional time to complete their degree. For information about guidelines, requirements, and specific offerings, students should consult their Department Chair or their School Dean. International students are also asked to inform the Director of the Center for Global Connections before pursuing an internship in order to confirm that the parameters of the internship are in line with visa regulations.


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