Dec 12, 2018  
2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog

Transfer Credit Policies and Procedures

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Policies/Procedures for Applicants/New Students

The Office of the Registrar initially evaluates applications for transfer of credit earned at other institutions as part of the admissions process. Applicants for admission who plan to have credit considered for transfer must have official transcripts sent directly from the Office of the Registrar of every institution attended. Applicants should provide catalog descriptions of courses completed elsewhere to facilitate the transcript evaluation process. Applicants who have taken courses at more than one institution should note that transfer credit evaluations are done after official copies of all transcripts have been received.

Mount Ida College recognizes, for transfer credit, courses appropriate for the selected major taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities with a grade of C (2.00) or higher. The College is the sole judge of the courses it will accept in transfer towards requirements of its programs and degrees. Courses and credits only are transferable - not grades or honor points. As a general rule, the College will not accept transfer credit for courses completed more than seven years ago if such courses are central to the current knowledge and/or skills base of a program of study.

Note: Selected programs of study may have special policies regarding transfer credits. In a select few cases, the College accepts transfer credit from institutions that are accredited by a specialized accrediting association.

Policies/Procedures for Matriculated Students to Take Courses Elsewhere

Matriculated students may petition for approval to take courses at another accredited college or university when the College is not in session. Students may not enroll in courses concurrently at Mount Ida College and another institution. To petition for approval to take a course elsewhere, students complete a Petition to Pre-approve Potential Transfer Credits and attach a copy of the catalog description of the desired course work to the petition. Petitions are to be submitted in advance, with course registration to occur after receipt of written pre-approval. Approvals for coursework outside Mount Ida College, if granted, are typically limited to no more than two courses a year. A pre-approved petition form with the appropriate signatures must be on file in the Office of the Registrar for transfer credits to be considered for acceptance and application to Mount Ida College requirements.

Students who have credit deficiencies due to course failures, course withdrawals, and/or placement in developmental courses are strongly encouraged to resolve such deficiencies by taking appropriate courses at Mount Ida College, if courses are offered, or elsewhere during the summer. Students who are on academic probation as a result of credit deficiencies may petition for consideration to take more than two summer courses elsewhere, if needed, to earn the requisite number of credits to avoid academic dismissal.

If pre-approval for course work elsewhere is granted, the student is responsible for having an official transcript sent to the Office of the Registrar at Mount Ida College from the institution attended promptly after completing the course. Students may also hand carry the official transcript in a sealed envelope from the institution to Mount Ida College. Under no circumstances will the Office of the Registrar accept a hand-carried transcript that is not enclosed in a sealed envelope from the Office of the Registrar where the course was taken. Credits for pre-approved courses with grades of “C” (2.00) or higher are accepted in transfer.


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