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2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog

Media Communication Minor

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Every industry, sports to fashion, needs young professionals who are content creators for the web. This means they can write articles through research or by opinion, create social media posts, as well as shoot and edit videos and design web pages. This minor incorporates the multi-disciplinary courses of the Media Communications major, which are courses in the humanities and courses in design.

Three media writing classes and three hands-on media production classes will offer students the hard skills necessary to create media for websites, social media campaigns, marketing and advertising projects, as well as be able to create their own videos and websites. The communication skills (oral and written) combined with the video production, image editing, and web design will give students the recognizable and marketable skills on their resume that industry professionals will see as valuable to their company.

With the skills gained in a Media Communication minor, students will be able to apply for entry level jobs in content creation that include social media project managers, lifestyle or sports article writers, communication assistant mangers, video content project managers, digital content managers, and they will be able to apple as writers in marketing, advertising and public relations. Every company has a web site and a brand to promote. These skills are going to set apart an employable new graduate, and a graduate who does not have writing and media skills.

Students will also be able to apply these skills to their personal pursuits of building an e-portfolio, which will assist them in entrepreneurial activities.


Suggested Course Sequence

Second Year:

Third Year:

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