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    Mount Ida College
  Dec 17, 2017
2017-2018 College Catalog

Interactive Media & Web Development Minor

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Interactive Media is the process of creating digital media that is an effective, memorable, and rewarding user experience. Like most traditional design disciplines, Interactive Media is concerned with the relationship of form and function, but unlike other disciplines, Interactive Designers explore the way in which behaviors connect people through the products they use.

Most preconceived notions about design include an assumption that design concerns itself primarily with how it looks. While there is nothing wrong with designing for appealing aesthetics, design can be more than (just) that. Whether or not something looks good to use doesn’t necessarily have an impact on whether it makes the user feel socially accountable. For an Interactive Designer, design has a tangible impact on measurable, instrumental outcomes.


Potential Careers:  Art director, concept artist, creative director, environmental artist, experience designer, Flash developer, UI/UX designer, social media developer, instructional designer, interaction designer, interactive designer/developer, interactive installation artist, interface designer, mobile game/app designer, mobile game/app developer, online games developer/designer, technical artist, Web designer and Web developer.


Note: This Minor was created for School of Design Majors. Students must complete six courses, including four required interactive media courses and two electives, for a total of 18 credits for the Interactive Media Minor.   


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