Mar 23, 2018  
2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog

Accounting (B.S.)

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The Accounting major prepares students for a wide range of professional careers in accounting and business.  The degree is designed for those who are simply interested in the field and those who are working towards their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) qualification.  The program offers a range of courses in the fundamentals of accounting, supplemented by core business courses and a required internship experience.  Electives offer students the opportunity to personalize their experience and overall the program supports the development of critical thinking, communication and analytical skills.


Potential Careers

An accounting degree will provide students with the ability to work in a wide variety of fields including: corporate or public accounting, taxation, auditing, financial management, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.


Program Outcomes

In addition to the All College Curriculum skills and perspective, students who successfully complete this program will:

  • Develop and analyze financial statements
  • Effectively use accounting principles and practices
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing, using appropriate accounting terminology
  • Explain the linkages between accounting principles and business practices
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to contemporary business issues
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of ethical and professional behavior



III. All College Curriculum Courses (36 credits)


  • Interdisciplinary Seminar (“W” Course) 3 credits

IV. Program Electives (9 credits)

Choose three of the following:

V. Open Electives (15 credits)

  • Five (5) Open Electives

Total Credits: 120


CPA Certification:

Any student considering or planning to take the certified public accountant (CPA) exam should be aware of the educational requirements of the state in which you intend to take the exam, as requirements may vary state-by-state. To become a CPA in Massachusetts, you must complete 120 credits before taking the exam, as well as an additional 30 credits of college education to be licensed. Our accelerated five-year (4+1) BS to MSM Program may help you fulfill these requirements.


All College Curriculum: 

Students must satisfy Oral and Written Communication Requirements of the All College Curriculum. These are courses inside or outside the program/major that have been identified as meeting the requirements for writing-intensive (“W”) or oral communication (“O”) courses. Students must include the following among their course selections:

Written: Three (3) courses beyond EN 102 must be writing-intensive (“W”) courses (the Interdisciplinary Seminar, and two other “W” courses).
Oral: Two (2) courses must be oral communication (“O”) courses (Public Speaking, and one other “O” course).

Suggested Course Sequence

(Prerequisites of program-specific courses are listed in parentheses; prerequisites of all courses can be found in the Course Descriptions.)

First Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

  • Open Elective 3 credits

Second Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

  • Open Elective 3 credits

Third Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester

  • History Elective 3 credits
  • Open Elective 3 credits

Spring Semester

  • Interdisciplinary Seminar 3 credits
  • Program Elective 3 credits

Fourth Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester

  • Literature Elective 3 credits
  • Program Elective 3 credits

Spring Semester

  • Science Elective 3 credits
  • Program Elective 3 credits
  • Two Open Electives 6 credits

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