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2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog

Business Administration (B.S.)

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration allows students to obtain a business degree that is supported by core courses in accounting, business law, economics, management, information technology, marketing, finance, and business policy within the context of a liberal arts education. Mount Ida’s Business Administration Program emphasizes an integrated, applied approach incorporating real-world business applications and academics.  Students can choose to complete either a BSBA with elective options, or select a concentration in Marketing or Finance, and may take up to twelve credits of internships.


Career and Graduate Study Options

Students with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration can work in entry-level positions in all areas of business management. Students can also pursue a graduate degree in management. Mount Ida College also offers a related program in Sport Management.  Students also have the option to apply to Mount Ida’s 4 + 1 Accelerated Master’s Program and earn both an undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Management degree in 5 years.


Program Outcomes

In addition to the All College Curriculum skills and perspective, students who successfully complete this program will:

  • Demonstrate appropriate oral and written communication skills
  • Be able to use a variety of quantitative analysis tools
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to contemporary business issues
  • Advocate ethical behavior and social responsibility
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and understanding of the global business environment
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional and career-ready skills



Another BA travel course can be substituted for BA 327 or BA 320.

II. All College Curriculum Courses (36 credits)

  • Interdisciplinary Seminar 3 credits
    (“W” Course)

III. Concentration or Electives (12 credits)

Students may choose one of the following concentrations (if no concentration is chosen, two (2) Program Electives (any BA course that is not required in another part of the program) and two (2) Open Electives may be taken instead):

IV. Open Electives (15 Credits)


Academic plans use the BA/open electives concentration as a default. Students inform their advisor if they choose the Marketing or Finance concentration instead, and their academic plans will be changed to reflect that choice.


Total Credits: (120)


All College Curriculum:
Students must satisfy Oral and Written Communication Requirements of the All College Curriculum. These are courses inside or outside the program/major that have been identified as meeting the requirements for writing-intensive (“W”) or oral communication (“O”) courses. Students must include the following among their course selections:

Written: Three (3) courses beyond EN 102 must be writing-intensive (“W”) courses (the Interdisciplinary Seminar and two other “W” courses).
Oral: Two (2) courses must be oral communication (“O”) courses.

Suggested Course Sequence:

(Prerequisites of program-specific courses are listed in parentheses; prerequisites of all courses can be found in the Course Descriptions.)

First Year: (30 credits)

  • Open Elective  3 credits

Second Year: (30 credits)

  • Open Elective 3 credits

Third Year: (30 credits)

  • Interdisciplinary Seminar (“W” course) 3 credits
  • Two (2) Concentration courses or Electives 6 credits

Fourth Year: (30 credits)

  • Two (2) Concentration courses or Electives 6 credits
  • Three (3) Open Electives 9 credits

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