Jan 23, 2019  
Mount Ida College Student Handbook 2017-2018 
Mount Ida College Student Handbook 2017-2018

Message from the President

My sincere congratulations to you as you begin your college experience at Mount Ida College. We are proud that Mount Ida College provides our diverse community an educational experience that fosters self-confidence, leadership development, responsible citizenship, and intellectual and personal growth; preparing our students for personal and academic success. We are a vibrant and exciting community of students, faculty and staff and we welcome you to our beautiful campus.

I encourage you to take advantage of all that Mount Ida College has to offer - small classes, a breadth of programs that challenge and engage, a talented and committed faculty and staff, and a specially designed environment - all focused on your success. A college education also includes more than textbooks and classes. Your years in college will pass quickly. I urge you to take advantage of extra-curricular activities from athletics to community service. The Student Activities staff at Mount Ida invites students to enrich their education by participating in clubs, organizations and other cultural and educational opportunities outside the classroom that inspire curiosity, creativity and a love of life-long learning. Becoming involved both in the classroom and outside the classroom will enhance your personal growth and knowledge.

As with any community, the College has established standards of conduct and respect for its members. Respect for others who are here to live and learn in our community is the keystone of the Mount Ida College experience. These expectations are held equally by students, faculty and all member of the Mount Ida College community. Please review this Student Handbook and the College Catalog so that you are familiar with our Code of Respect, our policies, educational programs, and all the support offices that are here to assist you.

Our goal is to provide an exciting and rewarding learning community, leading to a lifetime of learning and success. You are the most important part of that community. On behalf of everyone at Mount Ida College, I welcome you.

Best wishes for a year of personal growth, academic success and satisfying learning experiences.


Barry Brown

Office of the President

The President of the College is selected by the Board of Trustees and serves as chief executive officer of the college. The president is responsible for all college functions, activities, and policies. The president has power, on behalf of the trustees, to perform all acts and execute all documents to carry out the actions of the Board. The President supervises the Vice Presidents. The Office of Human Resources also reports to the President.

For more information see the Office of the President website.