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Mount Ida College Student Handbook 2017-2018 
Mount Ida College Student Handbook 2017-2018

Campus Life

Athletics and Intramurals

Intercollegiate (Varsity) Athletics

Intercollegiate athletics provides opportunities for students with exceptional athletic ability to represent the College in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III. All sports activities are conducted with the focus on quality athletics and the successful completion of academic and professional preparation.

  Men Women

Field Hockey

Students interested in varsity athletic programs should go to the Athletic Center during normal business hours or go to http://www.mountidamustangs.com.


The intramural and recreation programs offer a variety of activities for every student on campus. Our goal is to provide all students the opportunity to maintain their physical fitness in an open and welcoming venue.

Mount Ida College Intramurals are open to all student s on campus and provide a competitive and fun experience for participants. Intramurals offers the following programs throughout the year: Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Flag Football, Co-Ed Volleyball, Tennis, Floor Hockey, Insanity, Yoga, Weight Training and various other fitness classes.

Students interested in learning more about our intramural and recreation programs should contact the Intramural Director at (617) 928-7206.

Fitness Center

The Mount Ida College Fitness Center is open daily for use by all students and includes treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, weight machines, free weights and a group exercise room.  Students need to present a valid Mount Ida College One Card to gain access to the facilities.  Locker rooms are available but students need to bring their own lock and cannot store personal items overnight. For more information and current fitness hours please visit www.mountidamustangs.com or visit the fitness center.

ATM (Banking)

A Santander Bank automatic teller machine is located in the Campus Center. Additionally, a general ATM is located at Campus Police. Neither ATM accepts deposits but several bank branches are located in Newton Centre where all banking transactions can occur.


The Mount Ida Bookstore, located in Wingate Hall basement, is open Monday through Thursday 9am until 4 pm and Friday 9am-3pm. Additional hours are added during peak times and special events, so please refer to the bookstore website www.mountidashop.com for updates. The store carries all textbooks for campus use, including new, used, rental, and digital titles. In addition, the store sells clothing and apparel, technology, food, health and beauty aids, study guides, and gift items. Also available are all school supplies as well as art and graphic design products. Most major credit cards and ATM debit cards are accepted. Books, clothing and apparel, technology, and gift items may also be ordered on-line at the website listed above.

MiWeb can help you plan out your book purchases or rental needs! When you view a section schedule listing, you can click on the section link that then provides more detail for that section, including description, pre-requisites, and instructor. The link labeled “View Textbook Information” then opens a window that brings you to Follett, with detailed textbook information for that course section, including title, author, ISBN, and all of the information required for full compliance with HEOA (Higher Education and Opportunity Act) legislation.

Campus Living

The Office of Campus Living provides meaningful opportunities that empower students to engage with one another, explore new experiences, and develop outside the classroom.  Comprised of Residence Life and Community Standards, the Office of Campus Living is committed to increasing students’ understanding of accountability and responsibility in order to create a civil, diverse, and respectful community.

Under the direction of the Dean of Campus Living, the Office of Campus Living is located in Holbrook Hall and Malloy Hall. The Holbrook Hall location is open between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The Office of Residence Life in Malloy Hall is open 8:30 a.m. - 12 midnight weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 12 midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. The office in Malloy Hall provides students with a one-stop location for lock-outs, maintenance requests, room changes, and other services provided by both professional and student staff.

A directory of the current staff can be found at the Office of Campus Living page on MiWeb, under Student Life.

Community Standards

Under the direction of the Director of Community Standards, the Office of Community Standards maintains the Student Handbook policies and procedures, provides educational opportunities, and coordinates the student conduct process.  The student conduct process is outlined in the College Policies and Procedures section of the Student Handbook.  All members of the Office of Campus Living participate in Community Standards functions.

Residence Life

Under the direction of the Director of Residence Life, the Office of Residence Life fosters community on campus, provides educational and social programming, and serves as a resource for residential students. 

Three full-time professional Area Directors (ADs) live-in the residence halls and provide additional support to students in their college experience.   The Area Directors work with the Resident Assistants (RAs) to provide program opportunities, serve as a resource to students, and assist with any issues that arise in the residence hall environment.

RAs are student leaders selected to help students facilitate a successful college experience. RAs are extensively trained and serve as a primary resource for students. RAs live on the floors with residents and have responsibility for specific wings/floors in the residence halls.

Residence Hall Amenities
Cable Television

A pre-set selection of television channels is available for residential students at no additional charge. Students may not request additional or premium channels. Students may report issues regarding the cable television service (picture quality, etc.) to a staff member in the Malloy Residence Life Office. Students are responsible for supplying their own cable TV coaxial cables.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are available at no additional cost (additional cost for hot water wash) in all residence halls with the exception of Brown Hall.  Brown Hall residents have access to Chapman Hall to do laundry.  Laundry facilities are for the use of residential students only. In order to keep machines in good working order, students are asked to report machine outages through the link on the Office of Campus Living page on MiWeb.

Students can view the status of washers and dryers without having to go to the laundry room by going online to www.laundrytrackerconnect.com!  Students will need to enter “Mustangs” for location ID. 

Students are required to keep laundry rooms clean, which includes the timely removal of laundry from the premises once washed and/or dried. Removal of clothing left in the laundry rooms will be coordinated by Office of Residence Life staff. There will be no notification for said removal of clothing, and the Office of Residence Life is not responsible for clothing lost, stolen, or discarded.

Residence Hall Services and Procedures


It is important that students carry their room keys and college-issued ID at all times. RAs and Office of Residence Life student staff are available to assist with lockouts via the Residence Life Office in Malloy Hall.

Each semester, students will have two free lockouts and then, starting with the third, they will be charged $10.00 per lockout. This charge will be applied to their student account on a weekly basis. This includes lockouts remedied by the Office of Residence Life as well as by the Mount Ida College Police Department.

Students who lose their room key should report it to the Office of Residence Life immediately. A $100 lock change charge will be assessed to a student who loses a room key. Please note that lock changes may take up to 48 business hours.

Personal Property

The College assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of any personal property during the school year, including break periods. Resident students are strongly advised to keep their rooms locked at all times. Large sums of money, jewelry, and other valuables should not be kept in student rooms. The College encourages students living on campus to enroll in a renter’s insurance plan.  While the College does not endorse a certain company, the Office of Campus Living can provide a list of several companies that offer plans to college students. 

Any thefts should be reported to the Mount Ida College Police Department as soon as possible. The College will not tolerate the theft of personal or College property and individual(s) found responsible for such action will be referred to Community Standards and sanctioned accordingly.

Upon termination of the Residence Hall Agreement (i.e. withdrawal, change of status, conduct sanction, etc.), students must remove all personal belongings within 24 hours or be subject to student conduct action and disposal of property. The College does not assume responsibility for any articles left in the residence halls.

Residence Hall Break Period Occupancy

College-sponsored housing will be closed for the published College break periods that occur at Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Upon application, and depending on space availability, certain residents may, at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life, or designee, be granted permission to remain in residence during these periods. In that event, the student may be subject to additional charges and/or temporary assignment changes. During break periods, students granted permission to be on campus are not permitted to host guests or visitors.

Additionally, guests are not permitted during these break periods.  Individuals who host or permit access to guests during break periods, including, but not limited to their academic year roommates, to reside in their rooms will be referred to the student conduct process.  In accordance with the guest policy, the guest/visitor will face immediate removal from college-sponsored housing and may be trespassed from campus.

Students must meet all deadline and fee requirements, and must be in good conduct and financial standing with the College to be considered to remain in College-sponsored housing during break periods.

Students who are found to be occupying space within a College residence during these periods without authorization will be removed immediately and referred to the student conduct process.

Room Consolidation

Mount Ida College reserves the right to consolidate resident students and add residents to rooms when the space is needed. Students who do not have roommates and live in rooms that are not designated as singles may be required to complete a consolidation move at the directive of the Office of Residence Life. It is the responsibility of the remaining resident(s) to rearrange furniture and storage space to accommodate a newly assigned roommate in anticipation of their arrival. Students failing to follow procedures, and complete said move, will be subject to student conduct action and may be billed for a single room.

Room Occupancy

For reasons of Health and Safety, residence hall rooms may not exceed 9 people at any time, depending on the size of your room. The following guidelines should be followed:

Room Occupancy
Single Room 3 people total
Double Room 5 people total
Triple Room 7 people total
Quad Room 9 people total


New students complete their housing application using the College Housing software, Residence.  New students will receive an email with a link from the Office of Campus Living over the summer, or before their first semester.  New students can either select their roommate(s) or elect for the Office of Residence Life to match students based on their housing applications.

Returning students are given the option to choose their own roommates during the Room Selection Process in April. Specific regulations and information may be obtained from the Office of Residence Life and will be disseminated during the spring semester of each academic year. Students should follow posted and published guidelines, as failure to comply will result in exclusion from the Room Selection process. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to deny roommate requests and reassign a student’s residency based on conduct history or extenuating circumstances which require relocation.

Room Change Procedure

Room changes requested in response to roommate conflicts are generally only considered for approval after alternative options and educational processes have been explored with professional staff assistance. Students requesting a room change must wait until after the established and published room change moratorium period at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters (typically the first 10-14 days of the semester).

After the room change moratorium period is concluded, a student requesting a room reassignment must utilize the room change request link in MiWeb under the Campus Living tab. Students will then be contacted should their request be granted.

Unauthorized Room Changes

Unauthorized room changes are not permitted. Students are reminded to comply with the room change process as outlined above to ensure the safety and security of all resident students. Unauthorized room changes may result in referral to the student conduct process, and may include sanctions such as: fines, inability to participate in room selection, and the student(s) being required to move back to their original room.

Room Inspections/Searches

A room is a student’s home, and students have the right to privacy in that space. However, the Office of Campus Living and the College reserve the right to investigate and conduct a search of a student’s room and its contents and to conduct safety inspections or property inventories in the residence halls with the authorization of the Dean of Campus Living or their designee. Room searches are authorized for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Health and/or safety concerns
  2. Alleged violation(s) of College or residence hall policies

All inspections will be conducted by/with a Campus Living staff member. The occupants of a room being inspected do not need to be present. The College reserves the right to enter student rooms any point for the purpose of health and safety inspections, violations of housing policy, making routine and emergency repairs, or in the interest of the safety and well-being of the other members of the community. 

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center supports students in identifying and reaching their career goals throughout their college years and beyond. Students should begin to plan their careers early in their academic life so they can choose a suitable major, understand the potential career choices within that major, and start to work towards their goals. The Career Services Center in Holbrook Hall helps students to make educated career choices by offering resource materials and one-on-one career counseling sessions.  We also have some assessment tools available to help students to learn about their personality, skills and interests as they relate to the working world.

Students may also schedule a meeting with us so we can help them with finding an internship, part-time job, or full-time job after graduation. We offer coaching and instruction on résumé and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques and job/internship search strategies, and we also invite employers on campus for recruiting events throughout the year.

Students can browse job/internship opportunities and also schedule coaching meetings at MiCareers.

The Career Services Center is located in Holbrook Hall 411.

Center for Wellness Services

The Center for Wellness Services is located in Appleton House and is comprised of Health and Counseling Services.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and administration in the service of the developmental and educational needs of students. Our approach to student mental health involves the whole student. We support students in their social, academic, physical, spiritual, and emotional development by offering individual and group therapy, as well as outreach.

Counseling Services serves full and part time students on a short-term basis in order to assess treatment needs and, when indicated, refer to the most appropriate ongoing care. The most common emotional/psychological concerns we address include adjustment to college, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Psycho-educational services such as outreach in the residence halls in regards to sexual assault, inter-personal violence, sexual orientation, body image and eating concerns, among others, serve to reinforce the college’s mission in cultivating life-long learners.


Counseling Services is staffed by licensed mental health counselors and a consulting psychiatrist. As part of the Center for Wellness Services, we work closely with Health Services to assist students with medical/psychological concerns through a coordinated approach that also respects confidentiality. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please call (617) 928-4599 for an appointment.


All services are strictly confidential, including fact of attendance unless the student has given express written permission for disclosure using the Release of Information form. All Releases should explicitly state the individual person to whom the clinician is granted permission to speak, the specific matter about which the clinician is allowed to speak, and the purpose of this communication. All Releases of Information forms expire after three months unless otherwise indicated. The aforementioned standards are over-ridden in cases of imminent risk of harm to self or others.

Health Services

Health care for minor illnesses and injuries is provided by the nurse practitioners and consulting physician at the Center for Wellness Services located in Appleton House. Services are restricted to Mount Ida College students only.

The clinicians on staff provide students with basic medical treatment, resources and referrals. Clinicians and staff assist students who are in need of referrals to off-campus providers and/or hospitals. Medical care at the Center for Wellness Services is included in tuition costs and fees. However, certain tests and lab work may require additional fees which will be billed to the student’s health insurance by the lab or medical facility providing them. 

Confidentiality: All services provided by the nurse practitioners and consulting physician at the Center for Wellness Services are confidential.

After Hours: Students requiring medical attention after hours should contact the Mount Ida College Police Department.


Health Insurance

Massachusetts Law requires full-time and three-quarter time registered students to be enrolled in a health insurance plan while attending the College. Full-time or three-quarter time students must enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan or waive that service by demonstrating coverage by acceptable alternate insurance. The College’s Student Health Insurance Plan is serviced by Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk, located in Quincy, MA. Blue Cross Blue Shield underwrites the plan. The Mount Ida College Student Health Insurance Plan provides coverage for a twelve-month period, from August 10, 2017 to August 9, 2018.

Although many families have some form of medical insurance, it is important to ensure that a student’s current insurance plan will provide adequate coverage while at college for physician visits, lab work and diagnostic testing, hospitalization and hospital outpatient services, prescription drug coverage and mental health services. Each student should also review their policy to make sure that services are not subject to managed care limitations or high deductibles. Students who elect not to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan are required to produce proof of alternative insurance coverage. The premium for the Student Health Insurance Plan of $2,553 is added to all full-time students’ bills and will be removed from the bill only if a student properly follows the waiver procedures described below.

Students who wish to waive coverage must do the following:

• Visit https://www.gallagherstudent.com/ , select “Students” at the lower left and select Mount Ida College from the drop-down box, or visit http://www.mountida.edu/campus-life/campusresources/health-wellness/student-health-insurance-plan/  and follow the links to the Gallagher Student website.

• Follow the instructions to create an account if you have not visited the site before, or to log in to your account.

• Students already covered under acceptable alternative insurance must click on the box indicating that they want to waive coverage and complete the Insurance Company Information Section. Necessary information includes name, address and telephone number of the health insurance company, name of the policyholder, policyholder ID number, and group name or number if applicable.

• International students are not allowed to waive coverage unless their current insurance carrier is domiciled in the United States or is an embassy-sponsored plan.

• Part-time students (less than 9 credits) are not required to have health insurance but need to complete the waiver process and should contact Gallagher Student Health if they want to enroll in the plan.

• Students submitting the Online Enrollment/Waiver Form will immediately receive a confirmation number. It is critical that students retain this confirmation number, as it is proof that the Online Enrollment/Waiver Form was successfully submitted. The deadline to complete and submit an Online Enrollment/Waiver Form is August 25, 2016. Students failing to submit waiver forms by this deadline will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Questions about the online process or about the Mount Ida Student Health Insurance Plan should be directed to Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk’s Customer Service Department Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm at (617) 769-6039 or (800) 401-7756, or by utilizing the online contact form found here.

Commuter Services

Some students prefer to live at home with their families or make arrangements to live off-campus in housing in the Boston area.  Because these students are an integral part of the community, Mount Ida College offers student resources for commuting students.  Students can access these resources through the Campus Center Information Desk, located on the Campus Center 2nd Floor.  While there, they can relax in the lounge, learn more about the Commuter Student Association, use one of the free mobile phone charging stations, access the free DVD and board games library, and learn more about commuter-friendly programming.  The Commuter Student Lounge located in Holbrook Hall provides additional study and lounge space, and a kitchenette for students to store and cook food for on-campus meals!  Mount Ida operates a free shuttle bus between the campus and the Green Line MBTA station at Newton Center for the convenience of both commuting and residential populations. 

Dining Services

Residential and retail dining is provided at the Campus Center. Catering services are available for events across campus. The dining services staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of those with dietary restrictions due to food allergies and/or food sensitivities. Through surveys, daily interaction with students and regular meetings with student groups, menus and services are continuously reviewed, edited, and expanded to meet the ever-changing needs of all those that use Mount Ida’s dining services.  Students are encouraged to work with the Director of Dining Services (617-928-4584) who can help accommodate dietary restrictions.  For more information about our dining services, go to http://mountida.campusdish.com/  


If you need additional information or have further questions about food allergies, food sensitivities or disability related accommodations, please contact the Director of Accessibility Services, Joan Beron (jberon@mountida.edu or 617-928-4648), in the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) (accessibility@mountida.edu or 617-928-4648).

Facilities Department

The Facilities department is responsible for the maintenance of the College campus and buildings. All repairs and upgrades to the facilities are coordinated through this department. However, all residence hall maintenance requests should be reported to a staff member in Residence Life. This can be a work study, RA or professional staff. The Residence Life staff coordinates repairs with the Facilities staff, and can serve as a conduit to the Facilities staff regarding any custodial or maintenance issues. The Facilities Department also supervises the College shuttle bus service and the housekeeping (custodial) staff.

Jury Duty

According to the Office of the Jury Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “Every U.S. citizen 18 years of age or older who is a Massachusetts resident or an inhabitant for more than 50% of the time is eligible to serve as a juror. If you are a resident of another state but a student at a Massachusetts college, you are an inhabitant for more that 50% of the year and therefore eligible to serve as a juror in Massachusetts.”  Jury duty is an important civic responsibility as a member of the community that is embraced by the Mighty Creed and Mount Ida College. 

Students should carefully read all materials they receive with their notice for jury duty.  These materials include information about confirming, postponing, rescheduling, or relocating service, as well as answers many of the most frequently asked questions. Students should notify their faculty of their jury duty obligation ahead of the appointment to discuss arrangements for completing coursework during their absence.  Students with further questions about missed class time due to jury duty should the Registrar’s Office ahead of their time of absence.  

If you have any questions about jury duty, including confirming, postponing, rescheduling, or limiting your service, please contact the Office of the Jury Commissioner at 1-800-THE-JURY (1-800-843-5879).

Mail Room

The mailroom is located on the basement level of Wingate Hall, adjacent to the college bookstore. The mailroom is open Monday‐Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. The mailroom may deviate from the above hours due to school closings, holidays, or staff availability. If modified hours are necessary, changes will be posted outside of mailroom. 

Residential students receive a campus mailbox which is assigned by the college mailroom staff. Please visit the mailroom for your mailbox assignment and combination. Mailboxes have a three digit combination. Instructions for opening your mailbox are posted outside the mailroom above all mailboxes. Students remain in the same mailbox as long as they are enrolled as a resident student. Students have access to their mailbox anytime.

Incoming Mail

Mail and packages must be addressed using the following format:
{Students Full Name}      John Smith
{Mailbox Number}           Box 1203
Mount Ida College            Mount Ida College
777 Dedham Street          777 Dedham Street
Newton MA 02459            Newton MA 02459

Mail and packages not addressed in this format or bearing this information may be delayed in delivery. PLEASE

The nearest United States Post Office is located at:
716 Beacon Street
Newton Center, MA 02459
Telephone: 617‐558‐1399

The mailroom picks up mail from the USPS distribution center daily M‐F at 8:00 a.m.  Mail is typically delivered to resident student mailboxes by 10:30 am and available for pick‐up.


The mailroom receives packages Monday ‐ Friday from UPS, Fed‐Ex, USPS, Amazon and DHL. All packages received in the mailroom are scanned, recorded and must be signed out by the recipient.
Students are notified by their Mount Ida College e‐mail through the Pitney Bowes Arrival System when a package has been received to the mailroom. Upon receiving notification, students can pick up their package in the mailroom during regular business hours. Students must present their student ID and sign for the package. Packages will only be released to the addressee, students will not be allowed to pick up packages for one another. Through the use of our internal tracking system and signature capture pads, we have the ability to resolve problems quickly and easily.

Please be advised that if you are not a resident on campus, you may not receive personal packages to the college. The mailroom cannot be responsible for personal packages of non‐resident students.


Outgoing first‐class mail must be received in the mailroom no later than 1:00 p.m. to be processed the same day. Mail affixed with postage can be inserted through the mail slot anytime or in the USPS mailbox located outside Alumnae Hall. (Refer to box for USPS pick‐up times/days)
The mailroom will not be responsible for verifying appropriate postage. The mailroom does not provide postage for any piece of personal mail or packages. The Mount Ida Bookstore sells stamps for personal use.

Mount Ida College One Card

The Mount Ida College One Card is the official identification card of Mount Ida College. The card is issued to all members of the College community who attend classes in person on the campus or who are members of the Mount Ida College faculty and staff. Online learners are not issued a One Card.

The Card must be carried at all times and may not be used by anyone other than the student named on the card. It remains the property of the College and must be surrendered to the College upon demand.

When necessary, students may be required to identify themselves and to show their One Card at the request of a College official (this includes, but is not limited to, access to residences, dining and vending locations and College events; admission to exams; and use of the library). Failure to produce the card to a member of the staff (including Resident Assistants) or faculty when requested is cause for student conduct action.

Alteration or use of the One Card for any unauthorized purpose will result in confiscation, financial penalty, and/or disciplinary action. Requests for correcting or changing names must be placed through the Office of the Registrar in Holbrook Hall. Name changes must be supported by legal documentation or a notarized letter requesting the change.

Replacement cards are issued at the One Card Office in Holbrook Hall for a replacement fee of $25 per card.

Mount Ida College Police Department

The Campus Police Department is located on Holbrook Road next to the Wadsworth Library and is accessible 24 hours a day. The Department provides professional police officers to protect and patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. The Campus Police Department can be reached for any emergency by calling extension 4777 from any campus phone, or 617-928-4777 from any non-campus phones. For routine business or questions individuals can dial extension 4777 from any campus phone or 617-928-4777 from any non-campus phone. We recommend that all members of the Mount Ida College community put this phone number into their mobile phone, and use it in the event of an emergency. In addition, CodeBlue call boxes which are intended for use in the event of an emergency on campus, are located around campus.

The Department’s police officers are appointed as special state police officers under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 22C Section 63, and all uniformed police officers are also sworn Deputy Sheriffs in Middlesex County.

All police officers in the department have the authority to apprehend and arrest any individual involved in illegal acts on-campus and in areas immediately adjacent to the campus. In addition all police officers are required to complete 40 hours of annual in-service training, First Aid/CPR and annual firearms recertification. This insures that the department’s training remains current, and police officers remain updated on all aspects of law enforcement. Police officers also attend specialized training programs that enhance the department’s ability to deliver programs and investigate incidents effectively. In addition to pursuing criminal complaints the Mount Ida Campus Police may also refer an individual to the College judicial system for minor offenses or violations of college rules and regulations.

The Mount Ida Campus Police Department works closely with the Newton Police Department in the enforcement of all local and state laws and shares criminal investigation resources when necessary. There is a written memorandum of understanding between the Newton Police Department and the Campus Police Department, the purpose of which is to establish an agreement between the departments to allow the booking of arrestees at the Newton Police Department and use of the Newton Police Department holding facility.

The College also maintains relationships with local police authorities in other jurisdictions where the College owns, leases or controls buildings or properties outside of the Newton campus on Dedham Street for the purpose of monitoring and recording criminal activity in areas that may affect Mount Ida students at certain College- sponsored off-campus locations (such as off-campus College-sponsored housing and the equestrian team’s practice facilities). Some of the jurisdictions with which the College maintains a relationship include: Boston, Brookline, Needham, and Holliston. Should the Campus Police Department receive a report from any outside police department regarding an off-campus criminal incident involving a Mount Ida College student, such report is forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs for the appropriate action.

Our department is a member of the Boston Area Police Emergency Radio Network, (BAPERN) which allows our officers to communicate directly via radio with most law enforcement agencies in the Metropolitan Boston area. This proves to be a very effective tool in cases where area or statewide notifications need to be made immediately. In addition, the Department is a member of the Criminal Justice Information System computer system. This system provides access to a nationwide law enforcement information computer communication system.

 The department also recommends that all students sign up for the emergency alert program, which will send a text message to your phone in the event of an emergency on campus. To register please go to: http://ondemand.mir3.com/mountida.

Mustang Involvement Center

The Mustang Involvement Center empowers students to become the best versions of themselves. We connect students through transformative experiences and develop opportunities for students to Engage, Serve, and Lead. To realize its mission, the Mustang Involvement Center provides quality programming that espouses community, community engagement, school pride, social justice, leadership, engagement, and tradition. We strive to help students find and define themselves through meaningful experiences that challenge and support, exploring opportunities that broaden, and creating places of comfort where students will be successful, connected, and balanced.

The Mustang Involvement Center is comprised of the following offices:

  • Leadership Programs
  • Social Justice and Involvement
  • Campus Center Programs
  • Student Organizations and Involvement
  • Commuter Student Resources

The Center also supports and advises:

  • The Associated Student Government
  • The Campus Activities Board
  • The Mount Ida Orientation Ambassadors

Shuttle Bus

The Mount Ida College Shuttle Bus provides transportation from the Mount Ida College campus to local MBTA stations and on special schedules to shopping areas nearby. The schedule fluctuates throughout the year based on whether or not the College is in session and the day of the week. For the most up-to-date schedule, go to this link in MiWeb link  or download the iRide App, which can be found  here so you can track the shuttle bus on your smart phone.

Drivers are on specific schedules, therefore they are unable to wait additional time for passengers or to make drop-offs or pickups anywhere other than at scheduled stops.

Riders must present a Mount Ida College ID, and guests must be accompanied by their host, who must present their Mount Ida College ID.  Guests and hosts will be dropped off at the Mount Ida College Police Department in order for guests to obtain proper guest documentation issued to them per the Mount Ida College Visitor/Guest policy.

All riders are expected to act in a manner that keeps the health and safety of all bus riders paramount.  The driver has the right to stop the bus and refuse to proceed if an incident should occur, or s/he can remove any offender(s) from the bus with valid cause.  Additionally, courtesy is essential, and students who are displaying discourteous actions including inappropriate language, eating food, smoking and drinking will lose the privilege of using the shuttle as well as face student conduct action.

Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Services provides services to students and families related to the Financial Aid process, information on student loans, tuition charges, payments and various payment options. The Student Financial Services Office is located at the Student Services Window in Holbrook Hall.  Please find more information at Student Financial Services - Financial Aid .

Student Payroll

Student payroll is administered through the Office of Human Resources, located in Holbrook Hall on the first floor.  If you have a question about your work study payroll, you should see your supervisor first, who will work with the Office of Human Resources to assist you. If you are seeking information on being approved for Work Study, please see the Office of Student Financial Services, which is located in Holbrook Hall.

Technology Services

Technology Services provides internet connectivity in the residence hall rooms via Wi-Fi and wired connections.  You should be able to connect to the internet from within any building on campus. 

Residential students who have issues with their Cable Service, should contact a Residence Life staff member for assistance, any other technology issues can be escalated directly to the Mount Ida Technology Service Desk.

The Technology Services Desk is located in the Wadsworth Library (behind circulation desk), and is open for walk-in service between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday - Friday.  You may also send an Send and email to: helpdesk@mountida.edu or call 617-928-4702

Guest Policy

Guest Policy

The Guest Policy is established to create an opportunity for students to have guests visit on a limited basis while also ensuring that students have a comfortable and safe community environment in the residence halls where they can study, sleep and be as well prepared as possible for academic work. Guests are defined as both cur­rent students who do not reside in the same room as the host as well as non-student guests and are only permitted with the consent of a resident’s roommate(s).

  • A “Guest” is considered to be an overnight guest if they are staying after midnight.
  • Guests are only allowed to visit overnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.
  • Resident students are permitted to host no more than two overnight guests for a maximum of two nights in a seven day period, and no more than five days per month.
  • All roommates must agree to allow the visitation each time the guest is on campus.
  • All guests (including non-students, commuter students and residential students of other room assignments) are also limited to visiting anywhere overnight on campus no more than two nights in a seven-day period even if they are hosted by different students.

Hosting guests is a privilege which may be revoked, suspended or modified, with or without notice, by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.

There is a restriction on guest privileges for all students for the first week of each semester.


Special exceptions may be made only in extenuating circumstances for weekday overnight guests. These exceptions must be requested in advance from the Office of Campus Living by submitting a form described below and only those students in good academic and student conduct standing may request an exception. The host requesting an exception must confirm on the form that their roommate(s) has granted permission to share their room with a mid-week guest.

Students wishing to host overnight guests under the age of 17 must receive prior approval from the Office of Residence Life. No guests under the age of 16 will be permitted overnight.

Guest Registration Forms

Students must register their guests by using the Guest registration form on the MIWeb Campus Living page.  After completing the form and upon the arrival of the guest, the student and guest must go to the Campus Police station to retrieve a guest pass.   

Guest Pass

All non-student guests, regardless of time of day, are required to have a guest pass in their possession. To obtain a guest pass, guests must furnish the Mount Ida College Police Department with photo identification. The following forms of identification are accepted: driver’s license (or other state issued picture ID), military identification, or passport (ID’s from other colleges will not be accepted). No other forms of identification will be accepted.

Guests are required to pick up their identification prior to leaving campus. IDs cannot be reclaimed by anyone other than the individual who is pictured on the ID unless written authorization is given by the individual to the Mount Ida College Police Department.

Failure to be in possession of a guest pass - regardless of the length of time - will result in guests being removed from campus.

Responsibilities of Guests and Hosts

A host is responsible for their guest at all times. Guests must be escorted by their host at all times and must also possess a guest pass. Unescorted guests shall be removed from campus immediately and their hosts subject to student conduct action. Should the guest not have transportation, the College may arrange for taxi transportation for the guest which will be billed to the host student’s account. Residents who violate the guest policy will be subject to student conduct action, including but not limited to loss of hosting privileges.

If a guest violates Community Standards or other College Policies, the host is subject to additional student conduct sanctions including fines and the guest will be escorted from campus and may face future restrictions from campus.

Additionally, if any unregistered guests are found in a residence hall room, the hosting resident(s) of that room will be subject to student conduct action.